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Mrs. Leep

The Parkersburg New Sunday, February 15, 1959

For the past two years a slim little South Parkersburg mother And wife has worked

 as school crossing guard ,she said  last night. She is Mrs. Denzil Leep, 34, of 2003 

9th Av. Whose husband is employed the Ideal Corrugated Box Co.  There is a 

15-year-   old daughter, Janet, who attends Benjamin Franklin Junior High School

Mrs. Leep started about the middle of Feb. 1956, approximately five month after 

the school crossing guard program was started.She began as a substitute and then got 

so attached to the children she has not been able to give it up. Problems?  There have

been a comparatively few “considering I’m on a through highway,” Mrs. Leep said

last night.“ They often don’t know the cross walk is there—it’s not marked too well

as the sign is up therenext to the trees and they can’t see it.” Mrs. Leep explained.

But big truckers are extremely considerate. Cab drivers are very nice. 

If it wasn’t for them I couldn’t get along.” Mrs. Leep reported. “They are so careful

and if they see I have a number of children they will stop and hold the traffic 

behind them and I don’t have to stop them.” Mrs. Leep complimented   them. She

said one man has gone by her signal. “He wasn’t going fast and I don’t know why

he did it.” the crossing guard reported. One women went by and as the white glove

hand went up, she threw her hand up and waved. Later she came back and said that

she had not realized until she got some distance beyond that she was being told to 

stop. I don’t know what got into me’” Mrs. Leep said the women apologized. 

Crossing guards get $1 an hour and work one hour before school begins in the 

morning and an hour after school lets out. They are also scheduled   to work one

hour at noon but due to the need Mrs. Leep works an hour and –a-half at noon .

Pay is on the 10th and the 25th of the month.The PTA bought her uniform. This 

footnote added by her daughter April 8, 2009 What the above article did not

explain was my mother was an employee of the Parkersburg City Police Department

She also was called on to direct traffic on the 4th of July at the city parks fireworks